Štěpán Bako.

I am a web designer from Prague and I design mostly websites, brand and corporate identity, logotypes, enjoying translating key concepts and messages through creative ideas.

My Passion

My motto is clarity and simplicity in design & message as well as user friendly experience. I aim to add this dimension to everything I do to translate marketing needs and goals into expressive, fun and creative stories that evoke passion and capture attention.

My Design

I have 20 years of experience in desktop publishing and graphic design. I deliver websites with rich content management system as complete tailored solution according to clients’ needs and specifications.

My Travel

I love travelling and taking photographs. On my journeys I change. Every time I come back home I am a bit different, enriched with new perspectives of the world I am living in. The process of travelling fuels my creativity and openness to new experiences.

Latest one.

Website development for our foundation project which i started together with Lucie Havlínová and Eva Césarová. As far we organised couple of amazing events and we are aiming to create platform for intercultural dialogue between indigenous tribes and westerners…

My Work.

Check out my latest creations here,
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Each project is an opportunity to instigate change in end users/customers through emotional, rational and behavioral means. The goal is to alter or enhance their relationship with a given brand, product or service. In return, customers will be happy to share their positive experience through recommendations across social platforms and life settings.

Project Analysis.

I dive in a project and explore all potential perspectives. As a result, I arrive to possible options and have a clear idea about what to recommend to clients -only hidden treasures worth bringing to the sun.

Creative Idea.

Every hidden treasure that is brought to the surface has to shine. Creative solution is an important part of the whole process as it allows to create emotional connection with customers or simply provides clear and new information that end users seek. Ultimately, it should be something that resonates either on emotional or rational level. Something that is hard to forget.

Graphic Design.

Professional and modern design is the basis of every successful marketing communication. I keep in mind aesthetics and user experience of any user interface when creating design for a product, brand or website.

Product Delivery.

I approach clients’ needs responsibility and with sensitivity. Achieving mutual satisfaction is what really matters and not only in business partnerships. I’ve chosen to work along these principles and keeping these in mind I look forward to new projects and clients. Do our principles, ethics and business needs meet? Get in touch to find out.

Full Portfolio.

You can download full PDF portfolio which contains also projects
which are not presented on the website.

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Contact Me.

Write me an e-mail via the form,
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+420 603 457 732

My Address.

Štěpán Bako
Elišky Peškové 12
150 00 Prague 5